ALR State of Maine – Nature & Membership Eligibility

The American Legion Riders of Maine


Section 1. The American legion Riders (ALR) is a program for members of the American Legion , American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, Collectively “The Legion family” who share an Interest in motorcycling.
Section 2. The ALR upholds the declared principles of the American Legion as well as conforms to and abides by the guidelines and decisions of the National origination of the American Legion.
Section 3. The ALR maintains and protects the image of the American Legion at all times through appropriate wearing of the American Legion Emblem. The emblem of the American Legion Riders demands “that the wearer shall ever guard the sanctity of home, country and free institutions”.
Section 4. Members of the ALR are to avoid any perception of being a”motorcycle club” or “biker club”. Rather the focus of the membership is for the enjoyment of motorcycles and comradeship and furthering Legion programs in the community.
Section 5. The ALR will improve the public’s perception of the motorcycling community by promoting the honorable nature of the service to one’s community, state, and nation throughout the sport of motorcycling.
Section 6. Members of the ALR will comply at all times with the motor vehicle safety , licensing and insurance laws or regulations of the state in which operating.

Membership Eligibility

Section 1. Eligibility for basic membership in the ALR shall be as prescribed by the national constitution of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion.
Section 2. All Members of the American Legion Riders must further demonstrate currant individual membership in the American Legion.. American Legion Auxiliary or The Sons of the American Legion.
Section 3. Members will not at any time hold membership in more than one chapter of the ALR.
Section 4.In addition to section 1-3 above, members must be legally registered , licensed and insured owner of a motorcycle of at least 350cc or is the spouse of said owner, also being a member of the American Legion Family in good standing.
Section 5. All operators must be properly licensed and insured per state laws.
Section 6. All members will obey the motor vehicle laws in any state in which they are operating a motorcycle or riding a passenger.
Section 7. ALR programs may allow continued membership for those who have been a continuous members in good standing for five (5) years, who have given up motorcycling ownership because of age , illness, injury, or other reasons outside the members control.
Section 8. Supporters- Must be and continue to be a current paid member of The Legion Family (Legion, Auxiliary,Sons). Dues to be determined by each Chapter. Supporters may have a voice and can serve on or head up any committee but do not have a vote at any ALR State function and can hold NO officer position.The number of Supporters per Chapter should not exceed fifty percent of the Rider membership. Supporters may wear a back patch stating Chapter and location and must state they are a Supporter. No rockers.